Electronic music composer and producer Jim Baltz, well known for his live performances in his hometown of Saint Louis, is the man behind the hypnotic sounds written under the pseudonym Gaia13. Gaia is a mythological name for Earth, and 13 symbolizes the goal of transforming through music life on our 12-month-cycle planet. “I don’t cling to a particular tempo when I write, and because I’m influenced by so many musical styles, from Aphex Twin to Jimi Hendrix, to various traditional music, I follow my instincts and let the music happen naturally”. Baltz’s style meanders along the boundaries of IDM, downtempo, and drum ‘n bass, often incorporating treated instruments and vocals. His first album “Life on Planet Earth” was called “the best electronic CD” by Minor Scale Magazine in Saint Louis and his second, “Inside the Star Furnace” remained at the top of the charts on KFJC in California for more than a month in 2003. Gaia13′s latest full-length release has enjoyed even more success, reaching number one on the weekly playlists at KFJC, appearing on the KDHX “artist spotlight” in Saint Louis, and receiveing great reviews by international press and radio in Germany, France, Brazil, and Italy. “The Sea Turtle Project” is an album grounded by complex but consistent percussion and solid bass, and layered with interwoven and transcendent melodies. It’s the result of 10 months worth of recording and producing in the studio. “I went in totally new directions with The Sea Turtle Project,” says Baltz, “meticulously adding rhythmic and melodic elements to songs which I had written and performed over the previous year.” At times laid back and peaceful, at times nail-bitingly intense, and always danceable, the 16 song Sea Turtle Project is Baltz’s favorite work so far.