Dan Dysphonix (a.k.a. Dysphonix, dsx) is an electronic music producer, performer, remixer, and DJ that resides in the St. Louis area. The Dysphonix moniker was invented in 1994 after performing as a keyboardist and writing music in various industrial and electronic-based bands between 1989-1993. The late iconic St. Louis DJ Jajo, gave Dysphonix his first opportunity to perform his live techno in the legendary dance club, Fallout, in 1995. This performance helped launch his numerous live techno performances in the mid to late 90’s. Dysphonix has also released original and remix material under underground and boutique labels like Nepol Records (2000), Silver 7 Records (1998), and Stepwise (1997). Since 2003, Dysphonix has concentrated on experimental electronic dance music production and creation of other media including video and sound for film.