New Sublabel: Droidsong Abstract Will Release Breaks, Techno, Downtempo, and More

With tons of new music coming out this summer, we decided that it’s time for a sublabel, so we’re launching Droidsong Abstract on July 1st of this year. Droidsong Abstract will be an outlet for all the electronic music that just doesn’t quite fit with Droidsong: Breakbeat, Techno, Downtempo, etc. Droidsong will stay the same, sticking to drum & bass.

Dysphonix’ Vibrator EP will be the first release on the new sublabel, featuring five tracks of pounding hard techno. Full of pulsing kick drums and powerful synths, Vibrator sounds like 2013, but feels like an old school warehouse party.

After that is Kid Droid’s Project Onyx, a diverse selection of breakbeat and electronica tracks that draw heavily from drum & bass and dubstep.

For more details head to after July 1st.