Pre-Singularity Artifacts

Four unique tracks from artists Borja, Overthink, Quadratic, and Kid Droid serve as reminders to the future of what life sounded like before the singularity. Head to Bandcamp to pay whatever you want!

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Borja’s Ephemeral Mountain revolves around cut-up beats, floating away into widescale, cinematic beauty while things grounded with a solid bassline. Overthink’s Blood Moon starts with Grime-like beats and low end. Electronic melody then takes over, weaving synthetic basslines over staccato programmed breaks. Ancient Ways is Quadratic’s newest boundary-pushing crossover of Chicago Juke and broken breakbeats. A bouncing kickdrum is the main driver here: glitch, clubby and chilled at the same time. Rumbling, wobbling basslines move up and down, as clap beats and shaken percussion add rhythm to this slice of future bass music. Kid Droid closes things out with Xunantunich, moving from tribal percussion to booming, busting beats and more of Kid Droid’s deadly subs, the tune is as low-slung and late-night as they come.

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