Kid Droid – Project Onyx Remixes

Droidsong Abstract presents the remixes of Kid Droid’s Project Onyx in a two-part series of brand new EPs. Featuring eight remixes of the original tracks, from New School Electro Dancehall to Old School Deep House, together these EPs form a dark and intelligent microcosm of the state of electronica in middle America.

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The first remix sees Quadratic provide their Dancehall remix of the title track. This spacey, stripped back effort evolves into a lush, almost peaceful tune which brings out elements which you might have missed in the original. Take a voyage inside yourself as the soft beats reverberate around in the air. Pure electronic bless. Hard on its heels is the Plexus Instruments Hypersleep LaPierre remix of Guns. Atmospheric, moving and building, this one takes in elements of techno and ambient music to make something quite unique. Electronic hum is complemented by some nice drum work and surrounding effects. You’ll not hear anything like this one all year.

The package moves on to another take on Guns, this time Monad’s Deep House Dub. As the name suggests, Monad takes this one into some deeper territory, with a nice percussion set lit over some deep bass fields and almost carnival-esque time signature. Reminding us of the great days of the deep house renaissance, this one is just old-skool enough to please everyone. A beautiful piece of music, whichever way you listen to it.

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